About RD Energy Group, LLC

RD Energy Group, LLC (“RDEG”) is an early-stage developer of renewable energy projects. The company was co-founded by Richard P. Walker and Darrell W. Moore in 2008. Together, they have many years of experience in the renewable energy field, and have been associated with several dozen wind and solar energy projects.

Mission Statement: RDEG’s mission is to identify potential sites for, and provide early-stage development of, renewable energy projects and to identify companies interested in construction of such projects at these sites.

Experience: RDEG’s principals have been involved in the development of over 2,000 MW of renewable energy projects currently in operation. Both Mr. Walker and Mr. Moore are natives of West Texas and are familiar with the issues that the development of wind energy or solar energy projects create for farmers and ranchers. They also recognize that the royalties from such projects can provide much needed income diversification for those involved in the agriculture industry and an increased tax base for rural counties. Mr. Walker was a registered professional engineer for over thirty years and has many years of experience working with electric utilities and developing renewable energy projects. Mr. Moore is an attorney with more than thirty years of experience representing electric utility companies, independent power producers, and related businesses.


RDEG has a portfolio of wind and solar energy projects under development and maintains frequent contact with larger companies that may be looking for viable sites for the construction of renewable energy projects, as well as a number of landowners interested in having renewable energy projects constructed on their properties. RDEG also works with groups of landowners seeking to organize community development of renewable energy sites and can provide early-stage renewable energy project development expertise to such groups.  The company has a flexible business model which allows for various development scenarios:
  • Renewable energy project development funded by larger renewable energy companies, either on a pure consulting basis or using a mix of hourly rates and success fees/milestone payments;
  • Renewable energy project development entirely funded by RDEG; or
  • Sharing of development expenses between landowners and RDEG, with success fees from the sale of development rights being allocated based on the parties’ financial contributions.